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急速赛车彩票技巧:[wake up] female version of Buffett play it! SFC Punishes Zhao Wei's Market for 5 Years

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内容摘要:[Ask the transcript detail exposure! SFC Penalties and Zhao Wei's couple's market is banned for 5 years.]After the acquisition of Wanjia Cul...

[Ask the transcript detail exposure! SFC Penalties and Zhao Wei's couple's market is banned for 5 years.]

After the acquisition of Wanjia Culture in November of last year, Zhao Wei's husband Huang Youlong “satisfied” the CSRC for penalties and requested a hearing. On April 16th, the China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC) stated that it was clear that the case was illegal and the evidence was sufficient. The party’s grounds for defense could not be established. In the evening, the administrative penalty decision on Wanjia culture and the decision on the market ban for related personnel were formally announced. Huang Youlong, Zhao Wei, and Kong Deyong took measures to ban the securities market for five years respectively. SFC document disclosure Vicki Zhao couple inquiries transcript: " never thought to use their own funds to acquire ".

[HK Battle: HKMA shot again for HK $ 3.587 billion Hong Kong Monetary Authority]

in the market for HK $ 3.587 billion, as against the US dollar hit a weak-side Convertibility Undertaking of 7.85. Some analysts said that the HKMA's intervention was so rapid that the size of capital outflows was larger than the market imagined. After the intervention of nearly 10 billion Hong Kong dollars, the Hong Kong dollar continued to approach the bottom line position . On April 16, the Hong Kong Monetary Authority bought HK$3,587 million in the market as the Hong Kong dollar touched the 7.85 exchange rate guarantee for the weak party.

On April 12, after the Hong Kong dollar once again fell to 7.85 against the U.S. dollar, the Hong Kong Monetary Authority entered the market twice, buying 816 million Hong Kong dollars and 2.442 billion Hong Kong dollars. On the 13th, we continued to buy HK$3.038 billion. On the 14th, it bought 3.368 billion Hong Kong dollars again. So far the total purchase of 13.251 billion Hong Kong dollars.


share jumped 18 times as of April 16, Hua GEM since the beginning of the gradual influx of capital 50ETF layout GEM ETF, multi GEM ETF I. The emergence of large market. Among them, the Hua An Entrepreneurial Board 50 ETF from the beginning of the 288 million copies, as of April 16 has grown to 5.241 billion copies, scale has increased 18 times , in all the growth of the GEM ETF ranked first, but also the share growth since the beginning of the year The fastest stock ETF.

[Large Private Equity Starts to Control the Size of Stock Classes with Caps of 150 to 170 Billion Yuan]

One side is a new high-level management of private equity. On the other side, some super-large-cap stocks have started to realize that the size of the private equity has limited the scale of earnings. The effect, and proposes to shrink the management scale actively, then the extent of the management scale of the top private equity of the stock class is roughly what extent? In view of the integration of some private equity managers, the size of the equity strategy of the public funds may be compared with the management limit of a single private equity strategy, which may be around 1500 billion to 170 billion . According to the reporter’s statistics, this is also the management scale record that the public fund fund company can achieve at present.

[After the trade war is a currency war, Trump sword means the Sino-Russian]

Last weekend, the verbal warfare between President Trump of the United States and the former FBI Director Komi attracted people's attention, and the United States launched a multi-nation alliance against Syria. Air strikes, the outside world was completely attracted by these two things. Unexpectedly, U.S. President Trump suddenly announced a tweet, and accused China and Russia of using the U.S. rate hike to play a devaluation game , but this conclusion may not necessarily stand up to scrutiny. Since Trump took office in January 2017, the Fed has been in a rate hike cycle, but the U.S. dollar index has not strengthened as expected. The U.S. dollar is depreciating against most currencies, including the ruble and the renminbi. Specifically, since January 20, 2017, the US dollar has depreciated about 8.6% against the renminbi, and the US dollar has also depreciated by 4.5% against the ruble until the US announced the sanctions two weeks ago.





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