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急速赛车彩票开奖记录:Pension Target Fund is expected to solve the pension “difficulties”

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内容摘要: The problem of aging population in China has become more serious in recent years, and the birth rate has been declining year by year. In 20...

The problem of aging population in China has become more serious in recent years, and the birth rate has been declining year by year. In 2010, the birth rate was only about half that at the peak of 1987. Due to the gradual decline of the birth population, the proportion of the elderly population has grown rapidly. By 2017, the proportion of people aged over 65 has reached 11.4%. The UN standard is that 65-year-olds are more than 7% of the total population, which is considered to be an ageing society. In the future, the elderly population in China will continue to expand. The data shows that by 2050, the number of elderly people aged over 60 in China will reach 487 million, accounting for 34.9% of the total population. Faced with so many elderly people, how to provide for the elderly, and who will support the elderly, the pension security will face tremendous pressure. The author believes that the pension goal fund is expected to break this "dilemma."


From a global point of view, the three-pillar pension system has become a common trend for all countries. The first pillar of the government's public pensions; the second pillar of corporate annuities and occupational pensions; the third pillar of personal tax extension pensions, voluntary participation. In China, the development of these three pillars is very unbalanced. The first pillar basic pension insurance gold system is the mainstay of the entire pension system, while the second and third pillars account for a very small proportion. According to the statistics released by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, by the end of 2017, the number of urban and rural residents participating in basic endowment insurance had reached 512.5 million, covering 36.8% of the total population. The annuity portion of the second pillar of China's second-quarter totaled 1.29 trillion yuan at the end of the third quarter of 2017, which is equivalent to only one-fourth of the basic pension. Since corporate annuities are voluntary, there are only 76,300 enterprises participating in the end of 2016. Compared with the scale of the number of more than 20 million enterprises in China, it is less than 1%. The number of employees participating in enterprise annuities is only 23.25 million, which is 4.6% of the first pillar, which is far below the average level of the developed countries. The personal pension for the third pillar is very small and it is almost at the beginning stage.


Therefore, in order to respond to the severe pension situation and optimize the pension system, the third pillar will be the focus of future development.


On March 2, the China Securities Regulatory Commission released the “Guidelines for Pension Investment Funds (Trial)”, which set out clear requirements for the product types, investment strategies, investment ratios, and operating methods of pension target funds. The pension target fund will contribute to the construction of the third pillar (personal pension account) of China’s pension and provide targeted investment options for the elderly.


Over the years, China's pension investment income has remained low. According to the data of the “China Social Insurance Development Annual Report 2015”, from 2013 to 2015, the return rates of China’s corporate pension funds were 2.4%, 2.9%, and 3.1%, respectively, far below the market average, and even some years could not keep up with inflation. The rate, while the public offering fund is the largest professional institutional investor in China's securities market, has strong asset management capabilities. Public fund managers are important investment managers for pension funds such as national social security funds, enterprise annuities, and basic pensions, and are the main force for the management of pension funds in China. Therefore, the launch of the pension target fund may become an old-age product with obvious competitiveness and vitality, and it is expected to change the entire pension pattern.





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